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British songwriter/producer Joe Moore began the Yearning in 2012, modeling his orchestral pop songs after the teenage tragedies and melodramatic heartbreaks of early girl groups and '60s chamber pop. Moore enlisted lead vocalist Maddie Dobie to bring his songs to life and crafted his nostalgic studio compositions in the style of Bacharach and the Beach Boys, enlisting a host of session musicians. The Yearning first appeared in the form of several mini-LPs, beginning with 2012's Jukebox Romance and following it in 2013 with Still in Love, both on Elefant Records. A full-length surfaced in 2014 in the glowing harmonies and throwback tones of Dreamboats & Lemonade. It was followed in 2016 by the more melancholy Evening Souvenirs, which featured the Cotswold Voices choir on select tracks. Branding it a mini-LP, Take Me All Over the World arrived in January 2018, just a few days after Dobie's 21st birthday. ~ Fred Thomas


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