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Scottish rockers The View captured youthful energy and excitement with the jaunty guitar jams that first made them famous. The quartet—consisting of Kyle Falconer, Steven Morrison, Pete Reilly, and Kieren Webster—first came together while students in their hometown of Dundee in 2005 to cover their favorite tracks from bands like Squeeze and the Sex Pistols at high school talent contests, weddings, and local pubs. In 2006, The View began sharing original material that saw them moving away from New Wave and punk to a more jangly indie sound and attracting wider audiences with early hits like “Same Jeans” and “Wasted Little DJs.” Their thrilling 2007 debut full-length, Hats Off to the Buskers, made the four-piece one of the most popular bands to emerge from the UK in the 2000s. While subsequent albums like 2013’s Cheeky for a Reason and 2015’s Ropewalk couldn’t capture the band’s initial success, their rousing, anthemic tracks have helped maintain their status as national favorites and festival staples.

    Dundee, Scotland

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