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What began as a side project called "the Secret Band" -- an apt name, considering singer/guitarist Judah Nagler and drummer Logan Whitehurst were actually hiding the music from their bandmates -- soon blossomed into something these musicians wanted to share with greater public. After putting together a full-length demo on a four-track, they left behind their band Little Tin Frog and recorded an EP, Comasynthesis, as the Velvet Teen. Bassist/vocalist Josh Staples joined and the art pop trio self-released an EP, The Great Beast February, in early 2001. In 2002, the group kicked off San Francisco's vaunted Noise Pop Festival and toured the country in support of their full-length debut, Out of the Fierce Parade. Their eclectic, piano-based follow-up Elysium arrived in 2004, though tragedy struck that same year when Whitehurst was diagnosed with brain cancer. He would eventually lose his battle with cancer, passing away in 2006. Working with new drummer Casey Deitz, The Velvet Teens changed tack once again favoring a more EDM-influenced sound on their 2006 EP GyzmKid and full-length release Cum Laude!. Working briefly as a quartet with the addition of guitarist Matthew Izen (Polar Bears, The New Trust), they recorded the No Star EP for their 2010 tour of Japan. Slimming back down to an Izen-less trio, they began recording their fourth album in 2012 with co-producers Steve Choi (RX Bandits, Peace'd Out) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace'd Out). After signing with Topshelf Records, they released All Is Illusory in 2015. ~ Ron DePasquale & Timothy Monger

    Santa Rosa, CA

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