The Truth Tale - Top Songs

What's It All About?
You're My Angel Girl (Instrumental)
She Moves Me (Crush Mix)
Really Want To Know You
I Want To Tell You Something
Million Miles From Reality
War, It's Freaking Madness
You're My Angel Girl (Instrumental)
She Moves Me (Crush Mix)
In the Quest of Happy
In and Out of a Daydream
The Illusion of Reality
It's a Freak Show
A Change Is Coming
Sitting in Walla Walla Land
Ghost of Mary Phagan
My Life Has Become a Drinking Song
Hold Your Head up High
Happy Man
Can You Take the Dog?
Turning It Off
Don't Ask About Amy
Just Trip Away
Just a Bad Bad Johnny
I Can't Help It
Just Trip Away (Instrumental)
Message from an Old Girlfriend
Flowers Everywhere Today (Midnight Mix)
My Oh My Need Summertime
How Do You Know?
All Smiles, As We Pose
Mr Politician Man
Time Machine Hack, I Want to Go Back
Hey Oh, We Know
Mr Sunshine on a Roll
Propaganda Zombie
Big Fight, Fade Away
Can We Break the Code?
End of Days, End of Our Ways
Dirty Little Secrets
Just Shake It Off
Just Blame Me
Matrix of Lies
Vampire People