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The Sufis are a Nashville duo devoted to reviving the psychedelic garage rock and pop of the '60s. Sounding like a cross between the Byrds, Nirvana, and the house band at Shindig, Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith bring plenty of songcraft and production skills to their sound, enough to catch the ear of the U.K.-based, Cornershop-run label Ample Play. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2012, with their second batch of psych-pop gems, Inventions, following in the summer of 2013. After cranking out two albums in such a short time, the duo took a step back and spent the next few years concentrating on helping other artists, producing or engineering albums by Paul Messis/the Market Squares, Universal Friend, and the Paperhead. They also left Nashville and settled in Brooklyn, where they studied with legendary avant-garde figures LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela. Returning to their own music, the duo left strict garage rock revivalism behind in favor of a more subdued psych-pop sound. They wrote and recorded their third album, After Hours, in June of 2017 and released it on Burger Records in January of 2018. ~ Tim Sendra

Nashville, TN

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