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About The Society of Invisibles

A Gravediggaz- and Wu-Tang Clan-inspired collective, the Society of Invisibles was founded as an underground hip-hop supergroup of formerly rivaling crews which feature over a dozen MCs and producers. The Phoenix, AZ-based group is comprised of DarkWater (Indrid Cold, Sun Sun Slaughterhouse, Jack Spairo, and Conquest), Face Crushers Inc. (Nonsense, Joey Baggz, Gutta, Veteran Virus, Species, and Judgment), the Dead Beats (Erel the Rkatec, Eddie Satan, Plan B), and also solo acts Terminator Tragic, Sneaky Pete, and Rok. Having built a devoted underground following among horrorcore diehards in the Southwest, Society of Invisibles often straddle the line between the real and surreal, offering up vulgar lyrics of twisted street stories next to boasts of murder and dark, goth-like imagery. Their official album debut, a self-titled effort, was released in 2005 via the group's own Geist Audio imprint. The following year, they signed a four-album contract with N.Y. indie Babygrande Records, who reissued The Society of Invisibles for national distribution that July. ~ Cyril Cordor

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