The Sharpees

About The Sharpees

Recording on George Leaner's One-derful records in Chicago, IL, the Sharpees, like everyone on the label, recorded in a fashion not normally associated with the Chi-town sound, delivering a harder brand of soul that married a myriad of styles. The members were Vernon Guy, Horse O'Toole, Herbert Reeves, and Benny Sharp (guitarist). Stacey Johnson, who also recorded solo for Leaner, joined the Sharpees after their debut "Do the 45" b/w "Make up Your Mind," replacing O'Toole. A second single released in November of 1965, "Tired of Being Lonely," defined their sound of windy male backing harmonies accompanied by females with an unspectacular but competent second tenor lead. A third single from April of 1966, "I've Got a Secret," failed to shake up the charts, and neither did a final One-derful release "My Girl Jean" b/w "The Sock" three months later. Dormant for three years, they resurfaced on record in 1969 with "Music (I Like It)" on Midas Records as Benny Sharp & the Sharpees. Collectors find anything done on One-derful fantastic, and the Sharpees' recordings can be found on various vinyl and CD compilations that trumpet the One-derful family of labels. O'Toole and Reeves previously sang with the Arabians. Reeves died in January of 1972. ~ Andrew Hamilton

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