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About The Sad Song Co.

The Sad Song Co. is the solo project of Oxford-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nigel Powell. Though known for his later work drumming for Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls and Dive Dive, Powell initially launched his career in the late '90s with alt-rock outfit Unbelievable Truth. When frontman Andy Yorke (brother of Radiohead's Thom Yorke) departed that band in 2000, Powell began to record the songs he'd been writing for them under the Sad Song Co. banner, eventually making his debut in 2003 with Miseryguts. Not quite as miserable as the name would suggest, the Sad Song Co. presented a thoughtful, slightly progressive pop style that became more warmly sentimental than sad on their 2007 follow-up Poignant Device. Though largely the work of Powell, former Unbelievable Truth bassist Jason Moulster has acted as a sort of silent partner in the project. Powell continued to drum for Turner and Dive Dive, as well as producing various other acts, into the early 2010s, returning for a third Sad Song Co. LP in 2016 with In Amber. ~ Timothy Monger

Oxford, England