The Rua


About The Rua

Britain's the Rua are a sibling trio who make orchestral, Celtic, and indie rock-influenced pop music. Based in Windsor, England, the Rua (a name inspired by the Hebrew word ruah, meaning "spirit" or "essence") feature the talents of guitarist/vocalist Roseanna Brown, pianist/vocalist Alanna Brown, and violinist/vocalist Jonathan Brown. Born into a family of Irish descent, the Brown siblings grew up studying classical music and were also exposed to traditional Celtic folk music. As well as playing music, the Browns also acted while growing up and each member has appeared in at least one Harry Potter film. Citing such influences as Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay, and the Cranberries, the Rua released the single "Fight for What's Right" in 2014. The group's debut album, 2015's Essence, features backing from former Blondie bassist Nigel Harrison and Portishead drummer Clive Deamer. ~ Matt Collar

Windsor, Berkshire, England