The Rock-A-Teens

About The Rock-A-Teens

One of the genuinely compelling true primitive rock 'n roll acts of the late 1950's, the Rock-a-Teens (not to be confused with the identically-named 1990's outfit) generated some real excitement with their one major claim to fame, the bracing single of "Woo-Hoo" b/w "Untrue" for Roulette in 1959. As legend--probably close to the truth has it--the band cut the stomping A-side and its companion in the back room of a record store and sold it to the Dorian label. They had it, but it was Roulette that got "Woo-Hoo" into stores and jukeboxes in 1959, before the band disappeared into the mists of time. ~ Bruce Eder

    Richmond, VA

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