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The eclectic post-punk-inspired sound of the Robocop Kraus features Thomas Lang (vocals/guitar), Matthias Wendl (guitar), Tobias Helmlinger (bass), Markus Steckert (organ/keyboards), and Hans Christian Fuss (drums). The indie rock quintet is a cross between the arty, angular structure of Gang of Four and Echo & the Bunnymen and the new-millennium dance wave à la Bloc Party and Art Brut. Formed in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1998, the original lineup included Lang, Wendl, Johannes Uschalt, and Roman Maul. A split EP with the Cherryville was released shortly thereafter on Uschalt and Lang's own imprint, Swing Deluxe. When the compilation single "One Night in Bangkok" and the Inferno Nihilistique 2000 album were released in 1999, Maul and Uschalt were out, and Steckert and Helmlinger were in. Tours across Europe followed with the 2001 release of Tiger. A year later, the Robocop Kraus collected their rarities for the double-disc collection As Long as We Dance We Are Not Dead. They Think They Are the Robocop Kraus marked their U.S. album debut in February 2006. It was recorded in Stockholm with the Hives' Pelle Gunnerfeldt, and was the band's fourth album overall. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Nuremberg, Germany

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