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The indie pop project Reds, Pinks and Purples is the creation of singer/songwriter Glenn Donaldson, someone dedicated to the pristine melodies and unvarnished emotions of mid-period Sarah Records and a few indie pop outsiders like East River Pipe. Working mostly alone, he released a string of singles and albums that showcased his vision, most impressively on 2020's You Might Be Happy Someday. Before launching this project, Donaldson notably played in lo-fi psychedelic pop duo the Skygreen Leopards, the Television Personalities-loving Art Museums, and a host of other projects like the heavy shoegaze duo Vacant Gardens and his lo-fi psych-folk project the Ivytree. Donaldson launched the Reds, Pinks and Purples in 2015 on a split single with the Piano Movers and Michael O of the Mantles. It took a couple more years before the project was heard again. In 2018, there were two singles/demos released: "Uncommon Weather" and "Human Life." The songs were recorded in Donaldson's San Francisco apartment, specifically the kitchen. Thanks to modern recording techniques and his own skills, they jangled just as cleanly and sounded as big as something made in a fancy studio. A full collection of songs titled Anxiety Art was released by Pretty Olivia Records in September 2019, then the I Should Have Helped You EP was issued in 2020 by the I Dischi Del Barone label. That proved to be a busy year in Donaldson's kitchen as the You Might Be Happy Someday album came out on Tough Love Records in October and another single, "Let's Pretend We're Not in Love,'' followed the next month.