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the pillows

the pillows

About the pillows

Formed in 1989, the pillows is one of Japan’s definitive alternative rock bands, having released more than 20 albums and built a cult following around the world.

∙ Frontman Sawao Yamanaka got the idea for the band’s name from a 1982 UK post-punk compilation titled Pillows & Prayers.
∙ The group licensed their catalog to and wrote the theme song “Ride on Shooting Star” for the 2000 anime FLCL, which became a sleeper hit in the US three years later.
∙ In 2005, the pillows played their first-ever US concert when they appeared at a SXSW showcase highlighting Japanese rock bands.
∙ They celebrated their 20th anniversary with a 2009 concert at Tokyo’s Budokan arena, which was captured in the concert film Lostman Go to Budokan.
∙ Beginning with their 2009 LP, OOPARTS, the pillows released five consecutive Top 10 albums in Japan, making the 2010s their most commercially successful period.

    Hokkaido, Japan

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