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About The Perry Twins

The Perry Twins, actual twin brothers Doug and Derek, first rose to prominence as backup dancers for Kristine W and Ari Gold in the 2000s, but had been spinning records since the late '90s. After working the L.A. circuit and establishing themselves as top-flight remix artists, the Perry Twins began to catch fire as a recording duo in its own right by the end of the 2000s. Their debut single, "Activate My Body," featuring soulful female vocals by Jania, balanced a fierce dance beat with a hooky 1990s dance-pop sensibility, and soared to the upper reaches of Billboard's dance charts in early 2009. Follow-up single "Bad, Bad Boy" played heavily upon the group's gay club following, and was the most played 12" by midsummer of that same year. ~ Jason Thurston

Los Angeles, CA