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The Outfield was an English power trio who released a series of pop-rock hits, beginning in the mid-’80s.

∙ Before launching The Outfield, bassist/vocalist Tony Lewis, guitarist/keyboardist John Spinks, and drummer Alan Jackman played together in the ’70s prog-rock band Syrius.
∙ The group’s debut album, 1985’s Play Deep, has sold more than three million copies.
∙ “Your Love,” their 1986 breakout single and signature song, spent 22 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at No. 6.
∙ Before directing such Oscar-winning films as The Social Network, David Fincher got his start with The Outfield’s videos for “All the Love” and “No Surrender.”
∙ Younger listeners discovered the band in 1992, when their single “Winning It All” was used over the closing credits of the film The Mighty Ducks.
∙ In 2013, DJ/producer Morgan Page released an EDM version of “Your Love” that featured newly rerecorded vocals by the band.

    London, England

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