The Oriental Brothers International

About The Oriental Brothers International

A highlife band from Eastern Nigeria, the original Orientals were formed by the Opara brothers Warrior, Dan Satch and Godwin Kabaka in 1972. By the end of the decade, the group had released 20 albums. In 1977, Godwin Kabaka left to form the Kabaka International Guitar Band, and the Orientals continued under the leadership of Warrior and Dan Satch. In 1980, Warrior also left, to form Dr Sir Warrior And The Original Oriental Brothers. Three years later, the original line-up got back together to record the album, Onye Nwe Ala, before Warrior and Godwin Kabaka left once more to re-establish their own groups. A new audience opened up for the band with the 1991 release of Heavy On The Highlife, a furious compilation documenting fifteen years of spirited performances.