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Starting out for the sake of killing time while touring with the Queers, B-Face (bass) and Dan Vapid (guitar/vocals) never thought that writing a couple of silly songs in a van would be the building blocks for the eventual formation of the Mopes. Unfortunately, the occupation of Vapid's time in Screeching Weasel prevented him from getting anything started until 1997 with some additional help from fellow SW guitarist John Jughead and Squirtgun drummer Dan Lumley. With their debut EP, Low Down Two-Bit Sidewinder!, in 1998, the Mopes were anything but, with their high-octane pop-punk that gave away hints of the Riverdales and Green Day; Lookout Records was more than happy to release it. Continuing in 1999 with their follow-up album, Accident Waiting to Happen, no one seemed to mind the long commute to Indiana for the recording process (B-Face hailing from Boston, while Vapid and Jughead lugged it from Chicago) as long as their previous bands weren't dwelled upon by fans and critics. Vapid later reorganized the Mopes in 2001 under the new name the Methadones (a name he'd used to play under since 1993 but never recorded with) and, eventually, an entirely different Chicago-based lineup surrounded him. ~ Mike DaRonco

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