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The pop-folk trio the Mammals came together in early 2001 after fiddler Ruth Ungar and guitarist Michael Merenda met in a local bar in New York City. Ungar, who's the daughter of famed fiddler Jay Ungar and folksinger Lyn Hardy, briefly flirted with a career in acting. While she and Merenda balanced day jobs, Nicaraguan-born banjo player Tao Rodriguez-Seeger joined the Mammals. Between Ungar's folk roots and Rodriguez-Seeger being the grandson of folk legend Pete Seeger, it was natural for the Mammals to create a soundboard of their own. In 2002, the Mammals self-released their debut album, Evolver. Two years later, they signed to Signature, issued Rock That Babe, and added bassist Jacob Silver and drummer Chris Merenda to their permanent lineup. In 2006 the quintet released the album Departure. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Hudson Valley, NY
Feb 2001

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