The Longboatmen

About The Longboatmen

Formed in 1965 under the name Steampacket, Sweden's Steampacket II combined the influence of soul music with their take on the British Invasion to change and update the Swedish rock & roll movement. This combination proved to be good for the quartet, making it stand out from its contemporaries, which enabled the band to become one of the first Swedish rock bands to tour England. On this tour, the Swedes learned of the Rod Stewart/Brian Auger group also named Steampacket, forcing them to change their name at home to Steampacket II, while in England they adopted the name the Longboatmen to avoid confusion. They released a handful of singles, the most popular of which is 1966's "Take Her Anytime" released under the Longboatmen, as well as versions of "Happy Together" and the Lovin' Spoonful's 1967 hit "Nashville Cats" sung in Swedish, and others. Steampacket II disbanded in 1968 after growing tired of musician's wages and called it quits with a memorable Who-style, smash-up-the-instruments ending to their final performance. ~ Gregory McIntosh