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The Frank Popp Ensemble, led by the DJ himself (b. 19 December 1973, Germany), began as a one-man concept, unashamedly recreating the sounds of northern soul and funk from the late 60s. A graphic designer, Popp created record sleeves and flyers for Unique Records, but with the aid of a computer soon had the track High Voltage signed by the label. Securing a routine where weekends DJing in clubs alternated with weeks in the studio, he added vocals for the EP The Catwalk. Warner Brothers Records picked up on the tracks suitability for soundtrack inclusion, and licensed High Voltage for the 2001 movie Swordfish. By this time Popp had written Hip Teens Dont Wear Blue Jeans, with vocals from Sam Leigh-Brown, followed a year later by the album debut Ride On! Hip Teens became part of a Coca-Cola advertising campaign and reached the German Top 20. Popp enjoyed further success in the world of advertising, leading to an EP release, The Swinging Library Sounds Of The Frank Popp Ensemble, in the UK in 2005. A self-titled album followed, essentially a modified reissue of Ride On, featuring the five-piece ensemble and guest vocalist Leigh-Brown, appearing again on the catchy Goo Goo Muck.