The Four Esquires

About The Four Esquires

Bill Courtney (lead singer) and backing vocalists Walter Gold, Robert Golden and Frank Mahoney were students at the University of Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in the early 50s who harmonized for their own amusement to whatever instrumental accompaniment they could muster. Though popular locally, they waited until they were sufficiently schooled before becoming professional entertainers. After London Records signed them in March 1956, ‘Look Homeward Angel’ was a turntable hit, but it was eclipsed by Johnnie Ray’s version. Their workmanlike ‘Love Me Forever’ (augmented with a female session vocalist’s obligato), was overshadowed by a US cover version by Eydie Gorme and one in Britain by Marion Ryan. Nevertheless, it clawed into each country’s Top 30 and, unhindered by competition, so did 1958’s ‘Hideaway’ in the USA. While able to fill moderate-sized auditoriums and becoming a reliable support act in bigger venues, the Esquires clocked up no further chart entries and had disbanded by the early 60s.

    Boston, MA