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The Fooo Conspiracy

The Fooo Conspiracy

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Sweden's FO&O (aka the Fooo aka the Fooo Conspiracy) are a three-member boy band known for their infectious, dance-oriented pop. Formed as the Fooo in 2013, the group originally featured Venezuelan-born singer/dancer Omar Josúe Rudberg (born 1998) along with singer/dancers Oscar Johan Ingvar Enestad (born 1997), Felix Karl Wilhelm Sandman (born 1998), and Oscar "Olly" Hans Olof Molander (born 1997). After the departure of Molander in 2016, the group changed its name to the Fooo Conspiracy and finally FO&O.
The group initially came together as street performers in Stockholm and gained a following via uploading their performances online. Through these videos, they caught the attention of Justin Bieber and his management, who invited the band to perform at Bieber's concert in Globen in 2013. That same year, the Fooo released a self-titled EP, which featured the hit "Build a Girl," and took home a Swedish Grammis Award for Innovator of the Year. In 2014, they returned with the release of their debut full-length album, Off the Grid, which peaked at number one on the Swedish albums chart. Several more singles followed in 2016, including "My Girl" and "Who Doesn't Love Love," after which Molander left the band. In 2017, the newly minted FO&O made it to the finals of Sweden's Eurovision-related Melodifestivalen with the single "Gotta Thing About You." ~ Matt Collar

    Stockholm, Sweden
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