The Cuff Links

About The Cuff Links

In addition to the better-known groups of the late-'60s bubblegum explosion (the Archies, Banana Splits, 1910 Fruitgum Company, Ohio Express, etc.), there were countless other acts that didn't achieve the same acclaim or success, such as the Cuff Links. After the fictitious "Archies" scored a massive hit in 1969 with "Sugar Sugar," the singer, Ron Dante, returned back to his full-time band at the time, the Cuff Links, which was a virtual musical carbon copy of the Archies. The Cuff Links enjoyed a pair of modest hits, "Tracy" and "When Julie Comes Around," before breaking up (Dante refused to tour with either the Archies or the Cuff Links). ~ Greg Prato

    Staten Island, NY

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