The Crystal Method
The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

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Unwitting participants in the rise of big beat, the Crystal Method -- Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland -- distinguished themselves with a solid base in American hip-hop, rock, soul, and pop. The duo broke through with "Keep Hope Alive" (1995), a Top 15 U.S. club hit, and continued upward with Vegas (1997), their platinum debut album. By distancing themselves from big beat and selecting collaborators across a broad stylistic spectrum, they continued to thrive with studio albums such as Legion of Boom (2004) and Divided by Night (2009), both of which were nominated for dance/electronic Grammy Awards. At the same time, they diversified with soundtrack work. Jordan eventually left the music industry, but Kirkland continued the Crystal Method as a solo act with The Trip Home (2018) and The Trip Out (2022).

    Los Angeles, CA

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