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The Cool Notes initially embarked on their recording career in the lovers rock style, and featured Lauraine and Heather on lead vocals. The full line-up comprised Joseph Charles, Peter Lee Gordon, Peter Rowlands and Ian Dunstan. In 1978 the group recorded for Pat Rhoden’s Jama group; the success of the single ‘My Tune’ resulted in Rhoden’s licensing the song to the major record companies in 1979, as the song was expected to cross over into the mainstream. Jama also released the ineffectual ‘Just Girls’ and ‘Sweet Vibes’, which signalled a change of direction. The band continued to record into the early 80s when they released ‘I Forgot How To Love You’, ‘Morning Child’ and Down To Earth, which demonstrated the group’s adaptability. The album cover featured the band dressed as astronauts, and despite this lamentable marketing ploy, the debut was well received. By 1984 the band felt the need for a further transformation, which led to the formation of the Abstract Dance label and the release of ‘Never Too Young’, aimed at the club scene, and which entered the lower regions of the pop chart. The release was met with enthusiasm in the clubs and the band followed the hit with the excusable ‘I Forgot’, striving for a profile on the radio playlists. The single failed to impress disc jockeys and followed its predecessor by scraping a Top 75 position. A discerning decision resulted in the group returning to the club sound for the release of ‘Spend The Night’, which peaked at number 11 in the UK pop chart in spite of the indifference shown towards the band by radio stations. They enjoyed a run of hits with ‘In Your Car’, ‘Have A Good Forever’, and culminating with ‘Into The Motion’. Their songs continued to have a reggae vibe, contradicting their assertions that they wished to be regarded as a UK soul band.

South London, England

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