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Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, progressive metal quintet the Contortionist draw from influences as diverse as Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Isis, Rush, and Pat Metheny. Formed in 2007, the initial lineup of the Contortionist featured Jake Morris on vocals, Robby Bacca and Cameron Maynard on guitars, Christopher Tilley on bass, and Joey Bacca on drums. The band made its recording debut with the 2007 EP Sporadic Movements. A second EP, Shapeshifter, followed in 2008. By the time the Contortionist dropped their third EP, 2009's Apparition, lead singer Morris had left the group, and Dave Hoffman had joined as vocalist and keyboard player. The group earned positive reviews for its first full-length album, Exoplanet, which was released in 2010 by way of eOne/Good Fight Music; it was also the first release featuring vocalist and keyboardist Jonathan Carpenter, who replaced Hoffman. The Contortionist's sophomore outing, Intrinsic, arrived in 2012. Two years later, the band returned with its third full-length release, Language, as well as a new lead vocalist, Michael Lessard. By 2015, Jordan Eberhardt came aboard as the Contortionist's bassist after Cameron Maynard left the band, and they added a full-time keyboard player, Eric Guenther. That same year, the Contortionist released an alternate, reworked version of Language, titled Language Rediscovered. The Contortionist's fourth album, Clairvoyant, arrived in 2017. ~ James Christopher Monger & Mark Deming

Indianapolis, IN, United States of America