The Contenders - Top Songs

Where Were You Last Night
King of Fools
Rock 'N Roll Hurricane
Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing
The Bourbon Is My Burden
Ride Away
What a Sensation
Double or Nothing
Saturday Roadhouse Fight
Nothing But a Fool
Knocked Out By Love
No Lie
Ain't Coming Home
Sweet Little Thing
A Little Love (Is a Dangerous Thing)
Halfhearted, Hardheaded
Ain't That Brave
Standing In the Pouring Rain
Jeg Har Fått En Jobb
En Liten Pyroman
Ville Veier
Blå Duett
Redd For At Det Blir Regn
En Del Av Deg
Under En Halv Måne
Helene Har En Hund
Amors Bil
Folkets Hus
Hanging Crime
Saturday Roadhouse Fight