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About The Collingsworth Family

Founded by Phil and Kim Collingsworth, contemporary gospel group the Collingsworth Family, began as a duo in the mid-'80s before evolving into a family affair. In 2000, after performing and holding positions at numerous Christian institutions around the country, the couple made the transition to a full-time concert ministry, and began recording professionally with Nashville producer Wayne Haun and making regular appearances at Gaithers Homecoming Concerts. As their ministry grew, so did their family, and by the end of the decade, they were joined by daughters Brooklyn and Courtney (violin, vocals), Olivia (vocals), and son Philip (vocals), releasing a string of successful praise & worship albums including God Is Faithful (2006), We Still Believe (2007), and Answer (2009). In 2011, the group signed a long-term deal with Stowtown Records and issued Part of the Family, which hit the Top Ten of the Billboard Christian Albums chart. They returned to the chart with the seasonal album Feels Like Christmas (2012), and The Lord Is Good and Hymns from Home both charted simultaneously in the fall of 2013. That Day Is Coming followed in 2015 for their second Top Ten Christian album. Next up was Brooklyn & Courtney, a violin duo album that featured an appearance by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. It was released by Stowtown in early 2017. Another symphonic release followed in 2018 with Mercy & Love, which featured performances of both new songs and older material backed by the Prague Philharmonic. ~ James Christopher Monger & Marcy Donelson

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