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The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers

About The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers are an iconic English electronica duo whose “big beat” sound helped to popularize electronic music in the ’90s and beyond.

• The duo was originally known as The Dust Brothers, an homage to the American producers who’d found fame working with Beastie Boys. The UK upstarts eventually changed their name to The Chemical Brothers following legal threats.
• The Chemical Brothers began DJing at the Manchester club Naked Under Leather and later generated massive buzz at Sunday Social, an influential London club night hosted by Heavenly Records.
• The group reached No. 9 on the UK charts with its 1995 debut album, Exit Planet Dust.
• With its distorted breakbeats, acid synths, techno noise and hip-hop attitude, the duo’s 1997 sophomore effort, Dig Your Own Hole, became their first of three consecutive No. 1 UK albums. It also rose to No. 14 in the US.
Dig Your Own Hole spawned two No. 1 UK singles: “Setting Sun” and “Block Rockin’ Beats”.
• With 2015’s Born in the Echoes, their first album in five years, The Chemical Brothers scored their sixth No. 1 album in the UK.
• As of 2020, The Chemical Brothers have won six Grammy Awards, including three for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

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