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Jihae Simmons Meek met her future husband and Neverever bandmate, Bricolage's Wallace Meek, during her stint as the lead singer for the Glasgow-based indie pop group the Royal We. Following the Royal We's breakup in 2007, the couple moved to Jihae's hometown of Los Angeles, CA, where they teamed up with Devon Williams and Mickey LaFranchi and got to work on a new indie pop project. Initially calling themselves the Champagne Socialists, the fledgling band's early songs sounded something like a gritty, sun-blanched mash-up of the Royal We and Bricolage. Their debut single, Blue Genes, came out on Slumberland Records in the summer of 2009; the Champagne Socialists changed their name to Neverever shortly after the 7" single was released. The lineup changed a bit as well; Devon Williams parted ways with the group to pursue a solo project, and new members Jackson Baugh and Jessica Espeleta were brought on board. ~ Margaret Reges

Los Angeles, CA

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