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Upon the arrival of Tapping the Conversation (1997), the Bug appeared to be a one-off concept from Kevin Martin, the prolific producer known then for his work with God, Ice, and Techno Animal. Instead, the Bug soon became and remains one of Martin's primary outlets, even as his discography has expanded with King Midas Sound, Zonal, and a slew of ambient recordings under his full name. Since bending styles such as dancehall, dub techno, grime, and early dubstep on Pressure (2003), London Zoo (2008), and Angels & Devils (2014) -- each one a showcase for many vocalists -- Martin has both pared down and broadened his approach as the Bug. Concrete Desert (2016) and In Blue (2020) have respectively matched his bone-crunching rhythms and foreboding atmospheres with Earth and Dis Fig. The Bug returned to the guest-heavy album format with 2021's Fire.