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Based out of Brooklyn, New York, the Brother Brothers are a folk duo consisting of Adam and David Moss, identical twins who embarked on individual music careers of their own before uniting in 2017 to release their debut EP, Tugboats, earning themselves a record contract in the process. A pair of full-lengths, Some People I Know (2018) and Calla Lily (2021), followed, showcasing their rich harmonies and instrumental chops.
Originally from Peoria, Illinois, the Moss brothers began their musical journey as string players, with Adam playing fiddle and David on cello. After receiving his cello performance degree at University of Illinois, David ended up in Austin, Texas, where he played in a band called the Blue Hit, learned to play the guitar, and started playing and recording his own solo material. Meanwhile, Adam continued to explore a wide range of fiddle traditions from klezmer to bluegrass and swing, playing in East Coast bands like Session Americana and the Defibulators.
While the two brothers had a lifetime of musical history playing together, it wasn't until they were both based in Brooklyn that they undertook a proper duo project. Singing in close harmony with a minimalist setup, their work as the Brother Brothers incorporated bits of Appalachian, traditional folk, and bluegrass music with their own original songs and approach. After self-releasing their 2017 Tugboats EP, they signed with Compass Records and made their full-length debut with 2018's Some People I Know. A pair of stand-alone singles, "Siren Song" and "Summer Rain," appeared in 2019 as the brothers readied their follow-up album. Expanding on their hushed, warm tones, the Brother Brothers issued their sophomore album, Calla Lily, in 2021. ~ Timothy Monger

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