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The Barracudas were an Anglo-American band based in London that included members Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar), David Buckley (bass), and Nick Turner (drums). They formed in 1978 and scored a U.K. Top 40 hit in 1980 with the neo-surf song "Summer Fun." Debut album Drop Out with the Barracudas, released in 1981, shifted the band's sound from surf to American psychedelia and garage rock. Turner and Buckley left soon after, replaced by Jim Dickson and Terry Smith.
It was another new addition, guitarist Chris Wilson of Flamin' Groovies, whose influence was most felt on the Barracudas' second and third albums, 1983's Mean Time and 1984's Endeavour to Preserve (the latter featured new drummer Mark Sheppard). Both albums were released only in France, and the Barracudas disbanded by late 1984.
Wills and Wilson later reunited in a new venture, the Fortunate Sons, who recorded two albums for Bam Caruso. And Wills re-formed the Barracudas in 1989 with Gluck, Fortunate Sons bass player Steve Robinson, and drummer Rick Sigmund (although the latter was quickly replaced by Jay Posner). They recorded the excellent Wait for Everything in 1994 for the Canadian indie label Shake!, but the reunion was ultimately hampered by lack of money. Another reunion took place in 2003. ~ William Ruhlmann

    London, England

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