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The Aquadolls

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Squeezing together a wealth of influences ranging from doo wop, surf, and '50s pop to riot grrrl punk, electronics, and Britney Spears, the Aquadolls are a band from Orange County, California ready to show the world that cool can be fun, and vice versa. The Aquadolls were the brainchild of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Melissa Brooks, who formed the group in 2012. Teaming with guitarist Ryan Frailich, bassist Josh Crawford, and Colin Moore on drums, Brooks and the band wasted no time taking their music into the marketplace, releasing a pair of singles, "Honey" b/w "I Got a Lot (New New New)" and "Sinus Infection" b/w "I Believe in Aliens," and an EP, We Are Free, before 2012 was out. In 2013, the Aquadolls digitally released their first full-length album, Stoked on You, and the set won the favor of mega-hip West Coast indie imprint Burger Records (Brooks had already released her own tribute to the label, "I'm Your Burger Dream Girl"), which reissued the album in physical format in late 2014. ~ Mark Deming

    Los Angeles, CA

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