The Abnorm - Top Songs

Throw It (feat. The Abnorm & Godemis)
Semma Terry (feat. Trizz, The Abnorm & Shogun jizzol)
Pictures (feat. Nub & the Abnorm)
Numchuck (feat. Godemis, Joey Cool, Scar the Monsterr, The Abnorm, D-Twist & Burna Music)
High Tolerance (feat. The Abnorm)
Dreamin' Eyes (feat. The Phantom of C.O.A. & The Abnorm) [Original The Abnorm Remix]
Throw It (feat. The Abnorm & Godemis)
The Business (feat. The Abnorm)
Sex Cells (feat. Reggie B & the Abnorm)
Proof (feat. The Abnorm)
The Guilt (feat. The Abnorm)
26th Hour (feat. Gunn Jakc, The Abnorm, Louiz Rip & Kutty Slitz)
Loose Change
Tough Talk (feat. The Abnorm)
Word up! (feat. The Abnorm)
Golden Era
The Price Is Right
Makin' a Way (Outro)
Starbucks for Breakfast
My Style Got Style
Gas Pedal (feat. Elsiris Orion & the Abnorm)
Word Up! (feat. The Abnorm)
Never Basic (feat. Holli, AY Make Slapz & the Abnorm)
Made It Bubble
Follow the Signs
Follow the Signs (Interlude)
That N***a (feat. The Abnorm)
Innocence (Interlude)
Good to Me (feat. The Abnorm)
You On the Map (feat. The Abnorm)
Trappin' Paper
Dope in My Eyes Again
I'm so High
Riley's Paper (feat. Riley)
Big Dreams (feat. Stik Figa)
French Fries (Lil Homie)
Let Me Live (feat. Elsiris Orion, The Abnorm & Stitch81classic)
The Come Down
Record Bar (Freestyle)
Django (feat. The Abnorm)
McDonald's After Dark
SXSW 2016 (feat. Soopa Mooni Downz & the Abnorm)
Bop All Night
Lemme Get My Mind Right
Devils Defects
A Pimp Named God
Super Jesus