Tha Alkaholiks

About Tha Alkaholiks

After moving to L.A. in the early 1990s, Cincinnati DJ/MC duo E-Swift and Tash recruited South Central rapper J-Ro and formed Tha Alkaholiks. After guesting on King Tee’s THE TRIFLIN ALBUM (1992), the trio released 21 & OVER (1993), introducing an irreverent rhyme style--lyrically intricate, rife with drinking references, and even incorporating occasional mock belches and slurred speech--over upbeat party-oriented production. The clever, booze-obsessed gimmicks exemplified in tracks like “Only When I’m Drunk” and “Last Call” enhanced a fun-loving, back-and-forth rhyme chemistry reminiscent of old school acts like Cold Crush and EPMD. Throughout the 1990s, Tha Liks held a reputation as the West’s anti-G-Funk crew, collaborating with prominent East Coast producers and MCs and introducing alternative West Coast acts (Lootpack, Declaime, Defari, Xzibit). With five tight albums under their belts, the crew disbanded on good terms following 2006’s FIRE WATER.

    Los Angeles, CA

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