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Considered one of the leaders of Carioca samba in the late '90s, Teresa Cristina has performed with the Velha Guarda da Portela, Elton Medeiros, Moacyr Luz, and Pedro Amorim. As a composer, she has written sambas with Argemiro da Portela. In 1995, Cristina participated in the project A Cria at the Planetário da Gávea hall. Having been invited by the poet Chacal, she also participated in the CEP 20.000 series. Embraced by Wilson Moreira, Cristina performed at the Casa da Mãe Joana.
Since 1999, as a member of the Grupo Semente, she performs at a "roda de samba" (samba get-together) on saturdays at the Bar Semente in Lapa (Rio de Janeiro). She is one of the artists who takes part in the rebuilding of the Lapa neighborhood, a most important region of Rio de Janeiro, witness to much of the history of samba. Cristina participated in TV Maxambomba's Puxando Conversa project, backing up (with the Grupo Semente) Jair do Cavaquinho, Argemiro da Portela, and Tia Surica. In 2000, Cristina and company performed at Eliomar Coelho's birthday at the Teatro Rival, accompanying Guilherme de Brito, Xangô da Mangueira, Nelson Sargento, Wilson Moreira, and other greats. In the same year, she and the group participated in the roda de samba weekly project at the Funarte Hall, backing up a different guest every week, such as Argemiro da Portela, Tia Surica, Tantinho, and Xangô da Mangueira. ~ Alvaro Neder

    Bonsucesso, Rio De Janeiro, Brazi
  • BORN
    February 28, 1968

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