Tera Melos


About Tera Melos

Melding the aggression of punk with the technical intricacies of prog rock, Tera Melos use jerky shifts in time signatures and disjointed guitar noodling bearing a close resemblance to Don Caballero and Hella. Formed in 2004, the band had an immediate impact on the Sacramento live circuit with chaotic live performances. Their first album, Tera Melos, was self-released in 2005. After the Drugs to the Dear Youth EP, the band found solace on Sargent House, home of similar-minded artists. Drugs to the Dear Youth was re-released on CD, and a five-song split with By the End of Tonight followed. Patagonian Rats was released in 2010. X'ed Out took a more direct approach and was released in 2013. ~ Jason Lymangrover

Sacramento, CA, United States of America