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When Latterman called it quits in 2007, their brand of socially conscious singalong punk seeped out into each of the members' follow-up bands -- Iron Chic, Bridge & Tunnel, RVIVR -- eventually coming full-circle with Tender Defender. With a handful of Latterman reunion shows in the following years, former members Mattie Jo Canino, Phil Douglas, and Pat Schramm talked about playing together again, so in 2014, the trio holed up in a New York studio for a week to start recording new material. With Douglas being a sought-after producer in punk circles and Canino recovering after health issues, the trio finished recording and mixing what would become their debut mini-LP in the summer of 2015. In 2016, the band finally announced what they'd kept under wraps for at least three years: that they had formed a new group, Tender Defender, and that their self-titled LP would arrive in April via Dead Broke Rekerds. The trio headed out in support of the release with shows in the U.S. and Europe. ~ Rich Wilson

    New York, NY

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