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Indie combo Tele Novella emerged out of Austin, Texas, in the mid-2010s with an eclectic amalgam of influences ranging from the '80s paisley underground pop scene to honky tonk twang and the more psychedelic elements of Brazil's Tropicalia movement. Fronted by singer/songwriter Natalie Gordon, the band issued their debut, House of Souls, in 2016, returning five years later with the more scaled-down, though equally alluring Merlynn Belle.
The group was formed in 2013 from the ashes of several well-received indie bands when former Agent Ribbons guitarist/vocalist Gordon joined forces with ex-Voxtrot members Jason Chronis (bass) and Matt Simon (drums) as well as keyboardist Sarah La Puerta. The quartet worked quickly, blending a whimsical neo-psychedelic feel into their pop-friendly tunes and soon playing locally and touring the country. Tele Novella's debut 7", Don't Be a Stranger, arrived in late 2013, followed a year later by both the Cosmic Dial Tone EP and a cover of Bobby Fuller Four's "Let Her Dance" for the Wes Anderson tribute album I Saved Latin! It was their 2016 full-length debut, House of Souls, however, that showed the creative breadth of Gordon's writing style; amid the band's savvy arrangements and stylistic blend were a bevy of unique melodic shifts and surprising hooks.
In the coming years, the group slimmed down to the core duo of Gordon and Chronis, who took a new approach on Tele Novella's follow-up. Self-described as "medieval outsider country," Merlynn Belle appeared in February 2021 on Kill Rock Stars, offering a spacious and more minimalist sound while still infused with the unpredictability that has become one of their hallmarks. ~ Fred Thomas & Timothy Monger

    Austin, Texas

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