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Teen Daze is the moniker of Vancouver, British Columbia producer Jamison, whose home-recorded atmospheric synth pieces first gained acclaim when he posted them to his Tumblr account. Arcade Sound Ltd. released his debut EP, the summery yet bittersweet Four More Years, in mid-2010. Jamison played 2011's South by Southwest festival and toured Canada before his second EP, A Silent Planet (which was inspired by the time Jamison spent reading C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet during a seven-week stay in the Swiss Alps studying philosophy), arrived on the Waaga label in August 2010. Jamison also did remixes for artists such as Seven Saturdays and issued music with his other project, Two Bicycles. In mid-2011, Jamison recorded Teen Daze's first full-length, All of Us, Together, this time inspired in part by Utopian Visions, a book he discovered in a thrift store. The album was released by Lefse Records the following year; later in 2012, Jamison returned with The Inner Mansions, a more personal set of songs that also featured a cover of Brian Eno's "Always Returning." For 2013's Glacier, the producer opted for a more insular, ambient-inspired sound. Jamison drastically updated his creative process for his next album, traveling to San Francisco to record with John Vanderslice, resulting in the more organic-sounding Morning World. Paper Bag Records released the album in 2015. Jamison then started a new label called FLORA, which issued Teen Daze's Themes for Dying Earth (a return to more ambient pastures) in 2017.

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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