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Tede is the performing alias of Jacek Graniecki, a prolific Polish rapper and producer, as well as the founder of Polish hip-hop label Wielkie Jol. He is also a television and film actor, as well as the founder of clothing company PLNY Wear. Born in Warsaw in 1976, Graniecki formed hardcore hip-hop group Trzyha in the mid-'90s, changing their name to Warszafski Deszcz in 1998. Their first album, Nastukafszy..., was released by R.R.X. in 1999. The album didn't chart, but it gradually earned a cult following and was reissued no less than six times on several different labels. Tede went solo soon after, and debut full-length S.P.O.R.T. was released by R.R.X. in 2001, hitting the Top 30 of the Polish album charts. Graniecki founded Wielkie Jol in 2002, and the label has released all of his many subsequent recordings. Double album Trzyha Hajs Hajs Hajs emerged in 2003, and charted in the Top Ten. Around this time, Graniecki began released mixtapes and bootleg remixes under the name DJ Buhh in addition to his albums and collaborations as Tede. Third solo album Notes appeared in 2004, and was another Top Ten smash.

Tede co-created music television program Bezele, which aired on VIVA Polska in 2004-2005. After appearing in a few films, Tede returned to rapping in 2006 with the release of fourth solo album Esende Mylffon. He released two volumes of mixtapes with DJ Macu, and Warszafski Deszcz's second album, Reminiscencje, appeared as a free download in 2007. Tede's fifth solo album, Sciezka Dzwiekowa, appeared in 2008, and was a Top Ten success. Warszafski Deszcz's third album, Powrócifszy..., was released in 2009 and hit number five on the charts, while Tede's solo double album Note2, also released in 2009, was an even bigger success, hitting number three and being certified gold. The year 2010 brought two more successful Tede releases: double CD F**k Tede/Glam Rap, which also went gold, followed by Notes 3D. Warszafski Deszcz returned in 2011 with PraWFDepowiedziafszy..., another Top Five success. Tede released another double CD, Mefistotedes/Odkupienie, in 2012, and the album hit number three and was certified gold. Elliminati appeared in 2013, followed by #kurt_rolson in 2014; both albums were certified gold as well. Vanillahajs was released in June of 2015.

    Warsaw, Poland
  • BORN
    July 24, 1976

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