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About Tears of Technology

New Orleans' Tears of Technology is the stage name of Dan Carrone (aka Dan the Man), an independent electronic musician known for his breakbeat, trance, and electro-style productions. A native of New Orleans, Carrone grew up in a musical family with a father who played saxophone professionally. Starting out on the piano at age six, he transitioned to the saxophone in elementary school and by his twenties, was DJ'ing in local clubs. Along with spinning records, Carrone found work in radio broadcasting and began crafting his own tracks and remixes. Working under the names Tears of Technology and New Orleans' Dan the Man, Carrone eventually founded his own 504 label on which he has delivered such albums as 2006's The Soul Never Forgets, 2007's Our World, and 2008's This Is How I Cry. An active presence online, he regularly releases remixes and singles, including tracks like 2011's "Higher" 2015's "All I Am." ~ Matt Collar

New Orleans, LA

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