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Named after the bobble-headed figurines perched atop many a cabbie's dashboard, Taxi Doll combines muscular pop/rock craft with electronic flourishes. The band formed in Los Angeles in 2004, when European vocalist Dhana crossed paths with keyboardist/producer Gregg Allen. The two shared an interest in dance-oriented rock music -- including Blondie and the Chemical Brothers, the latter of whom had previously recorded with Allen -- and their mutual influences quickly gave way to a full-fledged band. Taxi Doll expanded its ranks with the addition of drummer Jason Graham and bassist Brian Hendrix, and the band garnered its first accolades with the release of Waiting in 2006. The EP's title track peaked at number three on the American charts, and the band returned two years later with a full-length album, Here and Now. ~ Andrew Leahey

    Los Angeles, CA

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