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Tash Sultana

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Australian multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana has soul down to a science. That’s what their videos feel like, at least. In their most famous one, for the 2016 single “Jungle,” Sultana loops their guitar strums live, plucks out a drum pattern on another instrument, then comes in with a shrill songbird voice—the effect is magical, Stevie Wonder-esque, and self-possessed. Born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1995, Sultana was first gifted a guitar by their grandfather at the age of 3, and by 13, they were performing around town. After high school, they committed fully to busking and were successful locally, although it was through that viral “Jungle” video that they saw their first glimpse of international fame. Sultana mesmerizes crowds with their intricate “one-human-band” show, layering texture upon texture to create a hypnotic experience. It’s felt in their albums, too: 2018’s Flow State and 2021’s Terra Firma both offer chemically precise renditions of freedom, focus, and funk. In a digital age where the curtains are perpetually drawn open, Tash Sultana leans into this nakedness, weaving their process into product to dazzling effect.

    Melbourne, Australia
  • BORN
    June 18, 1995

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