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About Tankcsapda

One of the most popular and influential hard rock bands in their native Hungary, power trio Tankcsapda formed in 1989 as a punk band, but eventually added elements of heavy metal, thrash, and modern rock into the mix. The group stayed largely in the underground during their formative years, releasing a string of records on small independent labels. They had their first taste of commercial success in 1994 with their fourth album, Az Ember Tervez, which went gold. Tankcsapda broke into the mainstream in 2003 with Élni vagy Égni, which soared to the top of the charts on the strength of the singles "Be Vagyok Rúgva" and "Örökké Tart." Subsequent LPs like Mindenki Vár Valamit (2006), Minden Jót (2009), and Igazi hiénák (2013) saw the band adopting a more muscular sound, and in 2016 they released an ambitious documentary film and accompanying soundtrack/concert album, Három Rohadék Rockcsempész: A Huszonötödik. ~ James Christopher Monger

Debrecen, Hungary

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