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About Tangier

This US hard rock outfit have a adopted a different style on each of their albums to date. Formed in 1984 by vocalist Bill Matson and guitarist/songwriter Doug Gordon, they initially played blues-based hard rock, which paid respect to Free, Molly Hatchet and Bad Company. With Rocco Mazella (guitar), Mike Kost (bass) and Mark Hopkins (drums) completing the line-up, they toured frequently but failed to make a breakthrough. Five years after formation, Matson and Gordon returned with Gari Saint (guitar) Garry Nutt (bass) and Bobby Bender (drums) to record Four Winds. The first act to be signed to Atco, the band offered a sophisticated sound which leaned towards mainstream AOR with blues undercurrents. Matson and Saint quit in 1990, with Mike Le Compte taking over vocal duties and the band contracting to a four-piece in the process. Stranded emerged the following year and saw the band diversifying their approach and toughening their act. The hybrid was a little awkward at time, but more often achieved the desired end result of producing radio-friendly material with memorable choruses.

United States of America