About Tallies

Possessing an extensive knowledge of early-'90s dream pop and the skill set needed to replicate the sounds they loved, the Toronto quartet Tallies balance nimble, effects-heavy guitars with extroverted vocals to craft songs on their self-titled 2019 debut album that wouldn't sound out of place on a mix tape between Lush and the Sundays.
Vocalist/guitarist Sarah Cogan and lead guitarist Dylan Frankland met while studying sound engineering at Algonquin College. Cogan began writing songs at a very young age, Frankland spent his childhood immersed in the sounds of bands like Cocteau Twins and the Smiths. Her lilting melodies fit well with his jangling guitar style, and they decided to form a band. The pair soon added drummer Cian O'Neill and bassist Stephen Pitman to the line-up before moving to Toronto. They quickly established themselves in the local scene, leading to a signing to Hand Drawn Dracula. The band wrote their debut album during the course of 2018, listening extensively to the Sundays' Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and pondering the heavy issues of coming-of-age, such as loss of innocence and dealing with the realities of the world. The album was recorded at Toronto's Candle Recordings, where Frankland worked as a sound engineer, and co-produced by him and Josh Korody. The self-titled record was co-released by Hand Drawn Dracula and Kanine in early 2019. ~ Liam Martin


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