About Takeoff

Until the release of his 2018 solo debut, The Last Rocket, Takeoff was the most anonymous member of Migos by a country mile, the nephew of Quavo (who sang the group’s memorable hooks) and the first cousin once removed of Offset (who married Cardi B). But among diehard Migos fans, Takeoff has always been an underrated gem, the unassuming assassin with a baritone drawl and the ability to steal any song he lends a verse to. Early on in the group’s career, Takeoff was already proving himself to be as capable on the mic as his older and better-known partners. On their 2014 breakthrough mixtape, No Label 2, he demonstrated rap skills that hint at the potential he’d fulfill on later Migos albums and his first solo album: His ad-libs became more memorable, his lyrics sung with more force. His mastery of the triplet-style flow the group re-popularized has become a calling card, but on The Last Rocket, his energy and range takes center stage, while he also shows he can handle a chorus as deftly as his uncle. Takeoff’s solo work bounces with a flow that cascades like a waterfall, while ad-libbed “skrrts” keep the mood light. He’s a low-key superstar, gliding to the top of the charts and the VIP section of the club, more interested in synthesizing these stories in his music than showcasing them on the ‘gram.

    Lawrenceville, GA
  • BORN
    June 18, 1994

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