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About Sylvan LaCue

Rapper Sylvan Lacue was born in Miami, Florida in 1990 and started performing publicly at age 19. His early style was influenced strongly by Drake and he took the stage name QuESt for several years. In 2009, he won Jermaine Dupri's Survival of the MCs contest, which scored him a record deal with Dupri-affiliated label TAG Records. The label quickly folded, however, and no albums materialized from the deal. Lacue struggled for a time, releasing tracks online while working to support himself. In 2014 he released the Searching Sylvan mixtape under the QuESt moniker and shortly afterwards decided to start performing under his birth name. His first release as Sylvan Lacue would be the 2015 EP Evangeline, followed by his first proper album, Far from Familiar, in 2016. His style had grown exponentially since his early days, and Lacue had taken on a more story-oriented, narrative-based approach with his new material. Work began on follow-up album Apologies in Advance, which was released in early 2018. ~ Fred Thomas